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Est. 2017
Our business all began with an interest and passion for creating and trying new things. In this generation, it can be extremely difficult to keep up with the newest trends. Gosu quickly became our business name. In many asian dialects, Gosu or 高手, means expert, highly skilled, exceptional, or master at that craft. Gosu was meant to be a place where everyone can come together to try new drink, snack, and dessert innovations. Thus began our hard work and dedication towards crafting our Signature Menus.

Gosu'sSignature Experience

Aside from our Signature Menus, Gosu also has a theme. Electronic Dance Music, a broad range of club and dance music, has been an inspiration to many people. We were inspired by the Mantra of PLUR, which stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. To continue the legacy of Plur, we decided to incorporate this theme into our business.

In addition, we wanted to create a relaxing atmosphere where customers can hangout. So we dedicated an area for gaming and relaxation where you can enjoy a game of Super Smash Bros or Mario Kart with some friends. Gaming competitions may take place in the future.

Gosu'sSignature Drinks

A variety of Specialty Hand Crafted Drinks.
This menu has a variety of 15 different Signature Crafted Drinks, consisting of Herbal Tea, Organic Teas, Signature Teas, Fruity, and Lemonade Drinks. Unlike many boba places where they brew their tea ahead of time, All of Gosu’s teas are made on the spot with a Tea Espresso Machine to ensure maximum freshness. Along with that, we use all non-artificial syrups to pair together with our teas.

Items on the menu may constantly change to make room for newer Signature Drinks! However, if you see a drink that you love and is not on the menu, please let us know, and we can do our best to recreate it for you! Also, come in and ask to see our Secret Drink Menu 😉

Gosu'sSignature Snacks

Hand-Crafted Signature Snacks that took a lot creativity and many trial errors to perfect. This menu consists of a various specialty waffle, bacon, and spicy items. Come in and try them because they don’t last forever.

Unlike our items from our Signature drink menu, we can not recreate items from this menu since they constantly change to make room for new Signature Snacks.

Gosu'sSignature Desserts

Asian and American Dessert Fusion Desserts
Just as the Signature Snacks, our Signature Dessert Menu took a lot of creativity and many trial errors to perfect as well. Our Signature Desserts menu consists of various fruit desserts, dessert waffles, healthier dessert options and Asian American fusion items.

Please note that this menu does change consistently to make room for new and innovative dessert creations.

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